Tuesday, 13 September 2016

The Power of Incremental Change.


David  Pottinger

8 September  – 8 October 2016


170-174 Abbotsford Street

North Melbourne

Let's Look at Primitivism

New Primitives. (primitive influences in contemporary ceramics)

Curated by Magali Gentric

Sharon Alpren, Andrei Davidoff, Irene Grishin-Selzer, Janette Kerr-Grant, Kim Jaegar, Kate Jones, Tessy M King, Vanessa Lucas, Tai Snaith, Petrus Spronk, Dawn Vachon and Alichia Van Rhijn 

13 August – 4 September 2016

98 Piper St, Kyneton, Victoria


Gentric statement for the exhibition, 'New Primitives brings together works by 12 Australian artist that feature a renewed engagement with primitivism in contemporary ceramics. Works in the exhibition reflect on primitive technique, form and aesthetic, with outcomes including sculpture, installation and functional objects.'

Tai Snaith
Alichia Van Rhijn
Irene Grishin Selzer
Sharon Alpren
Petrus Spronk
Kate Jones
Dawn Vachon
Vanessa Lucas
Janetta Kerr Grant

Andre Davidoff

Kim Jaeger
Tessy Smith

* Apologies for the flourescent tinted images

Friday, 26 August 2016

Blurring the lines of creative authority

Objects of Ideation


Kari Lee McInneny-McRae
Tessy King
Samantha O’Farrell
Niamh Minogue
Caelan Blake


25th August - 6th September 2016


Junior Space, 65 Smith Street Collingwood, Melbourne 

Objects of Ideation features five artists working with the ceramics process who blur the domain of creative authority and individuality. McInneny-McRae, King, O’Farrell, Minogue, Blake are all either RMIT recent graduates or current students. They also share a distinct aesthetic palette. 

The gallery boundary has become a space in which to construct formal, sculptural vignettes about colour, texture, line and plane. Moving around the gallery, it is clear there is no single author, confirmed by the lack of an exhibition list. Whether this was oversight or intentional, the effect is a sense of singular outcome from the hand of many makers.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Rights of Spring 1883 - featuring contemporary artists using clay

Spring 1883

The Hotel Windsor, Melbourne

17-21 August 2016

Delighted at the return to The Hotel Windsor during Melbourne’ Art Week 2016 in spite of the cancellation of the Melbourne Art Fair.

This is one of my favourite site specific events this year. Artists and gallerists made witty and ingenious use of the Hotel Windsor suites with installations in bathroom, bars, cupboard and on beds, on windows and chairs.

See following an indulgent,  ceramic-focussed record of what was presented across all four floors and a few sneaky inclusions of my favourite installations. Apologies for the low light; it was a rainy Melbourne day after all. Also, I could not get an image of Ruth Hutchinson's drinks cabinet installation, there were too many people crowded around.

Janet Beckhouse for Neo Parc MELB always suits the formal Victorian styling of the Hotel Windsor
Nell for Station MELB
Fantastic first viewing of Virginia Leonard for PaulNache, NZ
Brendan Huntly for Tolarano MELB.
A real treat to see a Margaret Dodd with this 2016 Holden. So much bigger that I imagined and only one of these sculptures are made per year.
High Tea with the girl friends at half time.
Juz Kitson for Gag Projects ADELAIDE

ALASKA Projects - Sydney
Daine Singer - Melbourne
Darren Knight Gallery - Sydney
Fort Delta - Melbourne
Gallery9 - Sydney
General Store - Sydney
Grey Noise - Dubai
Hamish McKay Gallery - Wellington
Hugo Michell Gallery - Adelaide
Jan Murphy Gallery - Brisbane
Kalli Rolfe Contemporary Art - Melbourne
KANSAS - New York
Karen Woodbury Gallery - Melbourne
Michael Lett - Auckland
Minerva - Sydney
Murray White Room - Melbourne
Neon Parc - Melbourne
PAULNACHE - Gisborne
Robert Heald Gallery - Wellington
Sarah Cottier Gallery - Sydney
Sarah Scout Presents - Melbourne
Southard Reid - London
STATION - Melbourne
{Suite} - Wellington
Sutton Gallery - Melbourne
Tolarno Galleries - Melbourne


602 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne

17-21 August 2016


The void left by the recent collapse of Melbourne Art Fair has prompted action from an alliance of leading art galleries resulting in a new art event in Melbourne in August, titled 602.

Through the great support of the City of Melbourne, the alliance of galleries from both Melbourne and Sydney will be joining forces and exhibiting in a former electricity substation.

Participating galleries include Charles Nodrum Gallery, Gallerysmith, Jacob Hoerner Galleries, Martin Browne Contemporary, .M Contemporary, Michael Reid, Olsen Irwin, Scott Livesey Galleries and Watters Gallery.
Lynda Draper for GallerySmith MELB

Vipoo Srivilasa for Scott Livesey Galleries MELB

Peter Cooley for Martin Browne Contemporary MELB