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Dean Smith - Pink Terraces

Dean Smith's solo show exemplifies his mastery of matt crystalline glaze. Look carefully at the seamless additions of fused glass.  I particularly like his vertical, 'pillowy-soft' vessel to show of his sublte glaze palette & crystal patterning. 
 4-22 April 2017
Alcaston Gallery 11 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy,
Melbourne, Victoria, 3065 Australia

The Pink Terrace was once a large and beautiful silica deposit in New Zealand, created by chance and destroyed by chance, possibly by an eruption of Mount Tarawera.A place exists and then doesn’t exist. For this exhibition I have made some slab-built vessels, moving away from the familiarity of the wheel-thrown form as the sole basis for my work. As I build the work my thoughts are around structures, chambers or tombs - permanent structures housing the impermanent/ the permanent structure erased by the forces of nature/beauty and fragility. - Dean Smith, 2017 (from website)
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Of everything that disappears there remain traces

Of everything that disappears there remain traces

Dan Arps
Samantha Barrow
Jeremy Eaton
Kate Hill
Georgia Kaw
Seala Lokollo-Evans
Kate Newby
Charlie Sofo
curated by Lauren Ravi

Friday 7 April - Saturday 29 April 2017

The Honeymoon Suite
L1, 60 Sydney Rd.,  Brunswick, Victoria 3056 I am fascinated by the premise of Lauren Ravi's curated show for Honeymoon Suite. The show is supported by an eloquent essay, parts of which are included at the end of the artwork images. Her training as a conservator stimulated her conceptual idea.When presented with a object for conservation, a conservator must decide what is the 'ideal state' to return an object to. This freezing of a moment in time for the relative material of an object is food for thought. 

Ravi brings together artists whose, ...handling, methods of production, interaction with their environments, and the alchemical processes’ of transformation that a material undergoes,is ...not as pure matter but rather as holding congealed…

Andrei Davidoff Patina - New Work

Like a painters drop sheet and the end of its worthy use, this series of classical vessels are laden with dense layers coloured splashes and drips.  
Andrei Davidoff has emptied his glaze buckets in a chaotic but deliberate frenzy.  Pulling together a conceptual context for each pot with the use of decals and lustre brushwork. Titles such as After Olsen or Pantone Smash are fun and directive. With such large surfaces to explore, the opportunity to be visually provocative or add more layers of meaning has been missed.

Mr Kitly 381 Sydney Road Brunswick

The Klytie Pate Award for Ceramics

MAGiC (Mansfield Art Glass incorporating Ceramics) Festival Martin’s Garage , Chenery Street, Mansfield, Victoria

8-15 March 2017

MAGiC was launched last Friday 10 March with an exhibition of 96 works on display and a performance by Strings of the Steiner School Music Department. , Fine locally produced food and Ros Ritchie wine featured at the opening.

Award winners are:
Winner of the Klytie Pate Award for Ceramics, sponsored by Dr Will Twycross.MD ( Klyties Godson) - Dianne Peach, for A Small Brewed 2.
Winner of the Mark Brabham Award for New Ceramic Artist, sponsored by The Brabham Family - Stephanie Hammill for Kintsugi Plate.
Cathy Franzi, Banksia Serrata, porcelan, thrown, engobes, sgrafitto

MAGiC Facebook page

FRESH! 2017

Here is the latest and Fresh!-est bunch of selected students from graduating in craft, design and fine art tertiary courses throughout Victoria. 
Thanks to Kate Rhode who gave a compelling opening story outlining what qualities might be Fresh! (with emphasis on the exclamation mark).
...The point is that maybe magic is another of the synonyms we are searching for when we use the word fresh – and perhaps even more when we give it an exclamation mark. When we pinpoint something as fresh we are assigning it something of the qualities of magic – some un-nameable energy, we see some compelling transformation of the material world... So when you see all these works today at Craft and you think about the makers, you know the discussion, the comparisons that are being made with other existing work and other existing ideas, whether it be around the use of a technique or material or the concept or the combination of these things.
So when you see all these works today at Craft and you think abo…