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Welcome visitors from interstate - Kirsten Coelho & Stephen Bird November 2014

Kirsten Coelho  Silent Interval this is no fantasy gallery  11 November - 13 December 2014

At This Is No Fantasy, Kirsten Coelho's exhibition Silent Interval is perfectly titled. Tranquil arrangements of iron rimmed works of displaying the incredible ceramics craftsmanship that we expect. New to this body of work is the creation of a saturated iron glaze inspired by red lacquer ware viewed during her recent residency in Japan. This glaze has an incredible fine crystalline depth to its russet hue. Apologies for my crummy photos but please see more here: Silent Interval 

Stephen Bird Once Upon a Time in New England Gould Galleries 8 November - 6 December 2014
I have never seen Gould Gallery look so good. Stephen Bird's prolific output of ceramics & watercolours primarily made within the last three years fill the gallery to capacity. It was particularly thrilling to see the watercolour paintings that inspire the decoration of vessel & sculptural forms. Stephen's capturin…