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My Favourte Marianne...

Marianne Huhn's PHD Exhibition School of Art Gallery, Building 2, Level 2, RMIT Thursday 7 April 2016, 5-7pm

Form and Surface Narrative: Porcelain and Politics in the Twenty First Century

Marianne Huhn PhD Exhibition
School of Art Gallery, RMIT

7 April 2016

Marianne Huhn conducted practice-led research which examined the surface decoration of political porcelain, from the Soviet Union of 1917 and ceramic artists of the 21st century. Marianne responded by creating functional forms with a visual language that commented on Australian politics, recreating the space for our personal lives to engage with the politics that surround us.

The Overlooked Object

Wendy Korol's MFA Research Exhibition School of Art Gallery, RMIT 17 March 2016
An investigation of vitreous materials onto a metal substrate.