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Animal - Vipoo Srivilasa, Troy Emery, Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran

Is It The Animal In Them? Nicholas Projects presentsFriday, 7th October – Saturday, 22nd October 2016

Jam Every Other Day - Collaborative works by Georgia Harvey and Dawn Vachon

A brave exchange and interesting conceptual parameter applied to this collaborative project. Tinning Street Presents
5/29 Tinning Street
Brunswick 3056 6-16 October 2016
Very intrigued by the title of this exhibition and very happy to visit one of may favourite exhibition spaces. 'Jam every other day' conjured pikelete tableware.  However, I was completely off-beam with the use of  the term jam, in this instance relating to the act of free flowing 'jamming' in music not preserves.

Dawn & Georgia set a pretty rigorous exchange of finished works that had a weekly turn-around. A new work was given as inspiration. The result is a aesthetically cohesive exhibition of 'the best' works produced from this structure.  Both artist's practice already lent towards a seemingly spontaneous sculptural outcome and strong palette of colour; making them a natural artistic match. The gallery listing explained that very few works were the combination of both artist's ha…


Stephen Benwell, Kim Jaeger, Tessy King, Kirstne Perry, Jessilla Rogers, Mark Whalen Curated by Sigourney Jacks & Liv Jackson Mailbox Art Space 141-143 Flinders Lane 5-29 October 2016

Sarah Ormonde - Water Lines

Sensitive surface treatment in response to the precious rain in a dry land 21 September - 8 October 2016 Red Gallery 157 St Georges Rd, North Fitzroy Even though it has been pissing down this month; water use, it's collection and the effects of climate change on our world and specifically in south-eastern Australia remains a prescient issue.  Ormode's surfaces are so cracklingly dry that I can imagine the smell eucalyptus oil, feel the head and dust and my throat becomes parched. This is a substantial exhibition allowing Ormode to express her visual themes across a range of sculptural forms. I particularly like the bowl vessels and they evoke collection of water and the rain gauge series is visually stunning but could have made use of further story telling evidencing measurement.

 Sarah used evocative titles for her vessels such as Soak, Wash,Store, Keep, Collect & Reservoir.