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Victorian Craft Award

A 'soft eye' on the works that wowed me at the Awards this year. Congratulations to staff at Craft on the securing of the additional gallery in Collins Place which, alongside Craft's three galleries and the furniture display in the Sofitel lobby provided an grand overview of contemporary craft in 2017. 

3 June - 8 July 2017
Craft, Flinders Lane, Melbourne.

Katherine Wheeler
Finding balance, evolving
porcelain, sterling silver, thread, paint
The Winner of the Ceramic Award $5,000 is KATHERINE WHEELER
Supported by a generous Craft Victoria donor
This quiet and gentle work was not overlooked by the judges amongst many larger and more grandiose entries. Sensitive use of materials and an individual way of cobbling together components to make hybrid forms. This jeweller reminds us that clay can also have an intimate relationship to the body as adornment as well as utensil.
Anna Davern
The Golden Lands of the Sunny South
wood and foam core diorama, objects made from re-worked biscuit tins, printed steel, gem-stone beads

The Winner of the Chair’s Award for Innovation ($1,000) is ANNA DAVERN
Supported by Lousje Skala, Chair of the Board at Craft Victoria
Hannah Gartside
Bunnies in Love, Lust and Longing
found ladies leather gloves, wire
Oh joyous bunnies, you bring my adoration for shadow hand puppets into the bright lights of the white cube. Such fun, whimsy and perfect material to sculptural outcome. I'm still smiling.

Kris Coad
Indigo Blues #3

Glenda Nicholls
The Warrior Milloo Cloak
jute, ochre, paint, emu feathers, wood glue, kangaroo skin

Mum would use either a wooden spoon or the feather duster to spank one of us three siblings. Poor mum, driven to distraction and beatings by our squabbling. I'm always been surprised by my familiarity with emu feathers because of that feather duster that seemed to last for my entire childhood. In the world of feathers, Emu's are of the modest kind, with earthy shades of shifting brown yet a confident spiral twist at the end. Nicholl's Warrior Miloo Cloak and Stick are function at its most finite and symbolic of power by the sheathing of the body and the pointy purpose of the stick. The wearer (I imagine) has the nestling of kangaroo fur against the neck and the caress and tickle of emu at the calf.

Tai Snaith
Slow Down World
ceramic, paper, ink, gouache

Kate Just
The Adambar Strivadi Quilt
hand stitched cotton, silk and synthetic fabrics, cardboard, beads

Ema SHIN,  
Soft Alchemy, 
woven tapestry.cotton, wool, rayon

Shin combines flowers and human viscera using textile techniques and gorgeous colouring. This wall piece makes the precious and delicate even more so. 

Claire Lehmann
3 chainz
porcelain, etched aluminium, L.E.D light strip, power adaptor, steel hanging system
Zhu Ohmu
Empty Thoughts
white raku
Kirsten Perry
stoneware, multiple glazes, lustre

Claire McArdle
vitreous enamel, copper, sterling silver, crushed stone, epoxy, wood, brass, marble, steel
Claire never ceases to amaze and excite me. Her practice addresses the body and function in the most lateral and imaginative ways.  She is never limited to material or technique - is there no craft she cannot conquer?

The Winner of the Excellence Award ($5,000) is CLAIRE MCARDLE
Supported by the Bowness Family Foundation

Holly Grace
A Billycan - Four Mile Hut
glass, metal, gold leaf
Always a sucker for vessels that relate to narrative surface.
Madeleine Thornton-Smith
Expanding the Ceramic Field
variety of stoneware and earthenware ceramic objects and vessels decorated with earthenware and stoneware glazes, coloured underglaze, and cobalt oxide, concrete cast object, monoprint on acrylic on cartridge paper, acrylic on coloured paper, MDF painted board
Madeleine is a student at RMIT who is working with the current interest in space and object relationships. Looking forward to more work from this artist.

Glenys Mann
Waiting # 1: Remembrance, Women's Loss
found wool blanket, found red yarn

Sometimes with found objects the 'borrowing' is more powerful than the intervention of the artist. Not is this case. I'm so pleased that Glenys chose to retain the Gibsonia blanket label, so subtle but so laden with histories and memories. 

The Winner of the Lynne Kosky Jewellery Award ($10,000) is KIRSTEN HAYDON
Honouring the legacy of Victorian Government Minister, Lynne Kosky and her outstanding committment to the arts
Supported by Creative Victoria

The Winner of the Chair’s Award for Innovation – Emerging ($500) is SAI-WAI FOO
Supported by Lousje Skala, Chair of the Board at Craft Victoria

The Winner of the Jewellery Encouragement Award ($2,000) is MICHAELA PEGUM
Supported by the Family of Lynne Kosky


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