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Wild: Contemporary Antiques - David Ray

Ray's first exhibition with this new venue showing this artist at his most delightfully eccentric. Eleven  pieces of tableware are spread around the retail space, including a full setting on a french oak table

Franque is a highly styled space, not completely gallery nor retail space. Artist include: Bruce Armstrong, David Ray, Kate Rohde, Anna Varendorff.

The dinner service is a devised as a functional object to hold food. Mine isn't, it is instead a wild, untamed interpretation of a dinner service, servicing conversation. - David Ray 201


597 Malvern Road, Toorak

Franque harkens back to an era predating the white-wall gallery; situating collectible pieces in a space where art coexists, collides and harmonises with objects and antiques, in both a showroom and dining space.
Since Franque’s inception in late 2011, clients have embraced this unique art space, which supports both emerging and established artists. Franque is not a gallery, nor does it seek to compete as one. It is an alternative platform for viewing and collecting Australian art.
Franque offers a genuine intimacy with art - from the way the works are displayed, through to the artists’ engagement in the Franque cultural life. - Franque website

Table setting
View & Spoon
Eden, 2017

Salt & Pepper, 2017

Mop Up Your Plate, 2017

Wild Tureen, 2017 front window space


  1. Wonderful images. Thanks Robyn. It's a great resource for those of us unable to make it.


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